тнє яєcℓαιмє∂ яєαℓм


welcoмe ɢυeѕтѕ ғroм everywнere! yoυ нαve αrrιved αғтer α loɴɢ тrαvel ғroм dιѕтαɴт lαɴdѕ, oɴly тo dιѕcover тнe loѕт lαɴdѕcαpeѕ oғ vαѕт мoυɴтαιɴѕ тo dιppιɴɢ vαlleyѕ, eveɴ тorɴ rυιɴѕ ғroм αвαɴdoɴed cιтιeѕ. тнιѕ ιѕ тнe 'reclαιмed lαɴd', oɴce ғor ɴo мαɴ тo ѕeт ғooт ιɴ вυт αғтer ceɴтυrιeѕ creαтυreѕ вeɢιɴ тo, oɴce αɢαιɴ, ɢαтнer αɴd clαιм pιeceѕ oғ тнe lαɴd тнey've coмe тo cαll, ĸoĸυdo. α jαpαɴeѕe тerм мeαɴιɴɢ 'reαlм'. нere, predαтorѕ αɴd ɢαтнererѕ αllιĸe worĸ тo ѕυrvιve тнroυɢн тнe мercιleѕѕ weαтнer cнαɴɢeѕ, ғroм wιɴтer тo ѕυммer, ғroм ѕprιɴɢ тo ғαll αɴd repeαт. αɴyoɴe ιѕ welcoмe тo тrαvel αɴd ғιɢнт ғor тнeιr owɴ тerrιтory! вυт ɢood lυcĸ! yoυ'll ɴeed ιт αғтer yoυ leαrɴ jυѕт wнoм cαмe тo ѕeттle нere.

pleαѕe ғeel ғree тo eхplore тнe oтнer pαɢeѕ αɴd RP! clιcĸ oɴ тнe 'тнe ɢlαde' pαɢe тo coɴverѕe wιтн ғellow RP'erѕ.

ғroм тнe wнole ĸoĸυdo тeαм~ we нope yoυ нαve α ғαɴтαѕтιcαl ғαɴтαѕy вlαѕт!

we do αѕĸ тнαт yoυ reѕpecт тнoѕe wιтн нιɢнer αυтнory, ѕυcн αѕ owɴerѕ αɴd мoderαтorѕ. ιт woυld вe нιɢнly αpprecιαтed, αɴd do coɴѕιder тнαт we нαve тнe powerѕ тo dιѕтιɴɢυιѕн yoυr αccoυɴт αɴd тнereғore wιтнdrαw yoυr cαpαвιlιтy тo roleplαy oɴ тнιѕ ѕιтe. тнαɴĸ yoυ.

There are very few rules on this site, so please do not make it a burden and take an understanding to our requests by following them:

1.) No hacking or password-guessing, no exceptions. Real hacking (not password-guessing) is illegal and you may be fined by the police for it.

2.) Please refrain from using brackets in your name! Examples: ( ), - -, **, [ ] { } ~ ~. Try just using your oblique for your display name, and not 'handsome/beautiful dashing girl/boy.'

3.) Keep swearing to a minimum for the sake of younger children who come to this site.

4.) No detail mating. (DM'ing)

5.) You need an account to RP here. (If you need help on making an account, ask.)

6.) No spamming anywhere on the site.

7.) Cyber-bullying is not tolerated on this site. Be kind to people and you will be respected in turn.

8.) No threatening or harassing anyone.

9.) Owners and Mods must be present often.

10.) Please do your best to obey these few terms.

11.) HAVE FUN!



                                          proper role-plαy__

ɢood roleplαy eхαмple: α вoy αppeαred ғroм тнe ѕнαdows, вrowɴ нαιr coverιɴɢ тнe тιpѕ oғ нιѕ ɢreeɴ eyeѕ.

eхтreмely ɢood roleplαy: ғroм тнe мιdѕтѕ oғ тнe ғoreѕт, α тнιɴly lιɴed ѕιlнoυeттe αppeαred αɴd мαɢɴιғιed ιтѕ wαy ιɴтo тнe eмpтy αreα. wнeαт тoɴed ѕĸιɴ wαѕ тeɴderly нυɢɢed вy α coттoɴ deѕιɢɴed т-ѕнιrт αɴd dαrĸ вlυe deмιɴ jeαɴѕ. dαrĸ вrowɴ нυed ғιвerѕ oғ υɴcropped нαιr ѕαɢɢed over everɢreeɴ eyeѕ, leαvιɴɢ тнe вoy'ѕ orвѕ ѕlιɢнтly oвѕcυrred.

вαd roleplαy: wαlĸѕ ιɴ. - *wαlĸѕ ιɴ* - -wαlĸѕ ιɴ-

eхтreмely вαd roleplαy: oнмyɢαwd ιт'ѕ тнαт oɴe ɢυy ;D -ғαɴɢιrl ѕcreαм тαcĸle- х.х

                 ~pleαѕe reғrαιɴ ғroм υѕιɴɢ preѕeɴт тeɴѕe (wαlĸѕ over.) αɴd тry тo ĸeep тo pαѕт тeɴѕe wнeɴ rp'ιɴɢ. (ѕнe wαlĸed over.)

                                              ~ĸoĸυdo тeαм

queѕтιoɴѕ αɴd/or coммeɴтѕ?__



 Lexi, though that is not her actual name, it's not like djinn would ever give it. Please, Lexi is generations old with the body of a seventeen year old. Behind her finesse and stoic features, this magic creature is one of endless questions. Her curiosity has lead her to become a witch doctor of sort, caught in the recesses between science and fiction. Evidence and magic. This djinni has a peculiar set of violet eyes that will never change, even when she shapeshifts. Her element of control is fire.  (Click on picture for site link).